And So it Begins, Again

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I’ve Blogged Before

My first blog was written during my later college years, 2007-2012. I wrote a few hundred posts on various programming topics, personal notes, and a few fringe posts on things like photography and cycling. The wayback machine makes that an interesting insight into both my mental attention and the state of technology at the time. Perhaps I’ll revive that content at some point, but not today. My first blog was written in ColdFusion, and an adaptation of an open-source project. Toward the end of the active period of that blog, I grew tired of hosting a blog server, and I was ready for an easier option.

When I had another bout of needed blogging, I decided upon the simple Posterous platform. They allowed easy posting by various simple methinds including sending a simple email. That made posting pictures particularly easy, and I was very happy with the platform. I wrote there about the evented web and evented APIs as well a few other topics. This arrangement worked swimmingly until Google bought Posterous and then shut the service down.

Frustruated Silence

I’ve been feeling the need to blog again for a few years now, but the demise of Posterous has left me with a sour taste of using other public services. That delay has prevented me from investing energy into anything that didn’t feel long-term viable. My need to get posting again has motivated the effort to produce a solution that has long term staying power.

A Start

I’ll talk about this later in more depth, but my first re-entry will be Jekyll-driven Github Pages with a custom domain. While this is not ideal for my needs, there is a way to get there from here. Plenty will change on this blog in the future: template, generation engine, and other stuff.